Physics Class Hero #1

The first of a five-comic pilot entitled "Physics Class Hero", written by myself and Eric Naylor and drawn by me. The original editor we submitted it to didn't go for the concept, but subsequent editors used this particular comic as page filler on more than one occassion, under the title "Classic Physics Class". The original premise was to introduce the kid in the front row, the "one in every class", but as it turns out, all of the characters were really the "one in every class", so the comic took on a meaning beyond its original scope. Pretty cool.

The original title was a play on the John Lennon song, "Working Class Hero", in that if the kid wants to go nuts and try to get an A, then "a Physics Class Hero is something to be". The title got lost somewhere in the editors' archives, so it was only published under "Physics Class" and lost some of the aura. Ah well.

Dark Day

Something is going haywire with the blog today. I'm publishing my pictures, and they hold for about a minute before slipping off the edge and into the abyss. This problem will be remedied soon. My computer and I are not getting along at the moment, especially since I'm running on 3.5 hours' sleep. I was kidnapped after watching Constantine last night and forced to play 2 games of Yahtzee! in Fayetteville before I was allowed to return home. A nap awaits...


High Priests of the Flea

Four days ago, I referred to a mysteries Flea statue atop the science teacher's desk. This is one of the many drawings I did of Al and Don, High Priests of the Flea.

I was going to begin publishing Physics Class Hero, my semi-failed D.O. submission, but I realized this morning that the drawings are too large to scan. By tomorrow, I should get to FedExKinko's, shrink the drawings, and end the problem. I like having two huge stacks of random drawings behind me on the floor. That way, I'm never short of new things to post.


Papa or something

My first attempt at a comic for the Daily Orange. REJECTED! Let's see, a Ziggy-looking fellow with a cat stapled to his head and a "Litmus Paper" t-shirt, in the middle of a Salvador Dali dream with a modified James Brown quote? And sorority girls were supposed to find this funny? The idea for this comic was something of a collaboration with Eva, from what I remember, and she's the one who actually submitted the thing, I think. I really have little recollection of what actually went down. But I still love the picture. I think it's really cool.


RamPage Illustrations

To finish out my high school comics from the RamPage, I leave you with four illustrations I did for stories for various friends of mine.

The top one is for a story about Senioritis, which I had had since the 7th grade. My friend Eric claims that the students pictured are, clockwise from the upper left, Eva, Sarah, Eric, Doug, and myself. Funny thing how Doug seems to be the ultimate recurring character in many of my ideas.

The one on the left is for a story about benchwarmers. "All-City Pine". Hah.

The one on the right is about cheating. Note that all four kids have "ACC", or Atlantic Coast Conference, for their answers.

The bottom one was about the stress that piles up on the average high school student, I think. I don't really remember. All I remember is that the girl who wrote the article was named Shireen.

See you tomorrow.


Pie School #5 (Final Installment)

A real creative leap. A breakthrough, if you will. Too bad it was the last Pie School comic. Tomorrow will feature illustrations from the same student paper that Pie School was featured in.


Pie School #4 (unpublished)

This is the great lost comic of the Pie School series. I made an attempt at expanding on my current events/social issues theme. My editor, Mrs. Spillane, liked this comic and wanted it in the paper, but they had begun outsourcing the printing, and as a result the comic was left out due to spacial considerations. Outsourcing. Bah.

This comic includes my second Blues Traveler reference, being the name of the science teacher, Mr. Kinchla. Chan Kinchla was and is the guitarist for the band, and his brother Tad now plays bass. Mr. Kinchla's appearance was based on my physics teacher at the time, Mr. Wilson.

Also of note is the giant flea statue on Mr. Kinchla's desk in the 3rd frame, which is a reference to a fledgling underground comic I was writing with my friend Eva at the time. In it, Al and Don (high priests of The Flea) operated in or near the Valley of the Flea-ads. There was monstrous statue of The Flea (approx. 50 ft. high). I don't think we ever got page one of the comic, called SkyJack, finished. I'll have to get you some pictures. The ideas behind the thing were ridiculously fabulous. 'Til tomorrow...


Pie School #3

This was a Syracuse Herald-Journal award-winning comic. Got something like 3rd place among Syracuse area high school students. Hey, you take what accolades you can get. My high school had one of the teachers, Mr. Schmitter, dress up as Schmitter-Claus for years. Suddenly, one Christmas, the P.C. gods got ahold of him and changed him into "Old Man Winter". Ahh, P.C. This comic served as the mother for future Pie School and Java Troll comics, which found their creative home in social commentary.

Note: The character dressed as Santa Claus was meant to be the "beloved" Andy Kidd. That may have gotten lost under the disguise.