I was trying to make this grand build-up to a grand disappointment. I only wish someone cared enough to make it so. Hah. This was the last comic of the spring semester and concluded the first year of Java Troll.


Java Troll #54

John's pin-up. Never mind that I ever tried to sell this stuff, not even for $2. Only my friends bought it. I think I sold about 8 copies.


Java Troll pin-ups. I acutally took the time to draw new pictures.



I ran out of town without leaving a note. Sorry. I went to DC to visit my sister. In the meantime, I also came up with some more ideas for my burgeoning new comic, which will be seen after I get one more semester of Java Troll out of the way. I may also file for a change-of-venue in order to attract more casual comic observers. Stay tuned...