We did a comic switch day. I was assigned to this really weird one where the guy just tried to make supreme artistic statements. I really didn't get his comic. I like what I came up with, though.

This is from a pre-Peanuts Charles Shultz comic. Truer words may never have been spoken...We'll get back to my stuff tomorrow.


So, yeah...um...some people I knew with Campus Crusade were trying to make up this huge, monstrous praise concert for all the Christian groups on campus to come together and worship God. Uh huh. They called it Eclipse. They had me draw a big chalk thing on the quad. They asked me to include it in my comic. It was right around Easter, I think. Can you tell how thrilled I am about all this? The thing bombed, poor turnout, and then the two girls who thought it up transferred. One of them is now married and writing some sort of online Christian magazine with no pictures. I salvaged the idea as best as I could. I've done better.


Java Troll #49

The decline of the American collegiate institution...Nobody got it. Well, one person got it, Andy Lynch, and he laughed hysterically, with good reason. This is one of those litmus test pieces of art that lets you know if you're really worthy.