After I compiled the first-year anthology, I gave it to the Syracuse New Times becaue I wanted a summer internship there. In the interview, the woman says to me, "You do realize we're an alternative news source, right?" which means "You're a Republican and we're Democrats, so we don't want you." That was fun. Ahh...the 2000 elections. I probably would have liked to go on to something else, but they just kept going. At least I got to make funny pictures for the third one here. My buddy Chad.


They really are great Halloween masks. I'll give myself that. The Pimpkin is also a stroke of creative genius, from back when a "pimp" was still the real kind, and not what kids today think it is. These four strips deal primarily with getting my high school physics lab partner, Doug Hemphill, to be the Vice Presidential candidate. Doug was at The Cuse at the time, which I thought was pretty funny. I know Doug appreciated it. The drawing was originally for a "Hempclone", which was a race of people who all looked exactly like Doug. I guess that's what you get sometimes when you ask me to draw a picture of you...haha.


The next four Troll comics. Today, I am back to writing myself schedules and WORKING HARD. I got a little sidetracked after my spring break vacation. Let's see...comments for these comics...At this point, I was starting to understand the Troll, but I hadn't quite nailed down the artistic style yet. The side shots are stupid and annoying to me. There's no need to ever see anything different from the Troll than you see in the second comic here. Front view, coffee. Also, the first name thing again. Amazing how characters take on a life of their own, how I can look back and see mistakes I made because I didn't know them well enough yet. Fascinating.