Java Troll #48

I wish I still had the original for this. I was often in a hurry and just turned in the original. The day this comic came out was a beautiful day, just like the picture. When people saw it, they cut it out and posted it on their doors for the final month of the semester. It really caught everyone. It was the right picture at the right moment. One of my real triumphs.


My Dad is a huge believer in The Weatherman. I am a believer in checking temperatures and stuff yourself, making an educated guess, and dealing with the consequences.


Again, picture John with the eyepatch. I'm becoming too much a fan of the quality of the originals to mess around scanning any more right now. I think I had tried tiramisu shortly before writing this comic. Tiramisu is not that good anyway.


I haven't figured out if Hello/Picasa lets me post 2 pictures at the same time, so this will come across as 2 posts. I just decided to take a breather and show my Al Gore charicature up against the drawing I did it from. It looks better than the over-reproduced version that appeared in my comics.


Java Troll #45

This was from color comic day. The characters are, from left to right: John, Dana, Sharif, The Amish Guy, Troll, and Popcorn Girl. I got a chance to throw in a few extra characters I liked. This is the one that went to press, so no eye patch. Like anyone noticed.

Also of note was Popcorn Girl's orange skin, stabbing at the Long Island beauties on the SU campus who had fake everything. Hey, I think Blogger is letting me use titles and edit my posts again. That's cool.


Here's one without John, so no missing eyepatch. I love it when I can put up the high quality versions.