Just like the second comic of the Troll series, this one has little knowledge of the characters' personalities and lifestyles. Here, we see Troll as a college student. That makes no sense. He's obviously never been very motivated about much in his life, and he's too old by now anyway. Nonetheless, it is a comic that I published, so here it is. In the second comic, the one about the constricting panels of the comic, Troll should have been John and John should have been Troll. How could I have known that then, though?


This definition does what it's supposed to...comes up with an alternate meaning, then uses the original meaning in context with the alternate meaning. I love it.


I remember standing on the quad and having a buddy of mine tell me he liked this one. I was humble and thought it was corny. The other guy besides Troll is John. The original caption on the drawing of John was "John the Fake Rasta". Yeah.


Okay, I think I have this publishing problem figured out. This is actually comic 4 of the Java Troll series, but was published first because they put the pilot into the Daily Orange backwards. Heck, I didn't find out my submission had been accepted until I saw it in the paper. Writing alternate definitions became a standby for me in Java Troll. I probably did about 10 like this, but most of them were better. We're back on track, folks, and I'm getting some new ideas together for when I run out of Troll strips.



Yesterday, I have no excuse for. I probably could have posted one on Sunday, too, meaning today would be day 3 of Java Troll. Instead, my spring break nature has caught the best of me. I was lazy or forgetful enough not to post until today. So I tried to post today, twice, and the picture got lost in transit both times. It even appeared for a brief moment on the blog, but when I tried to add text, it spontaneously combusted. Sorry. I'll try to get this all worked out tomorrow. Darn blog.