This was fine. I originally meant to have Hendricks Chapel in the background, show SU campus. Problem is, I was throwing these things together in about an hour, most of which was spent coming up with the idea. That's why I usually just copy-pasted the pictures. When I tried to draw them, I was rarely happy with the results. The Troll doesn't look good here, and there is no scenery other than snow. The three kids walking are beautiful, though.


I don't think I caught how both Java and Troll were related to the man and the drink until I did this. I was fascinated by the connections.


Spring Break. heh. These were good.


Ahh, the Canadian bacon series. You've got to take your shots. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss, like the $12 I lost in one hand at Blind Man's Bluff last night. Oh well.


Just pretend that John has the eyepatch. For some reason, I never put it in on the computer. I always drew it in afterward. I really thought this looked crappy scanned, so I just used the pre-submission original. Hooker boots. Even though I see middle-aged women wearing them today, I still say they're hooker boots.