SHUT DOWN...temporarily

Something happened during the last thunderstorm and my Linksys network got fried or something, meaning I'm going to have to spend an hour on Sundays on the phone with some Indian guy getting my system up and running again. This will mark the 4th or 5th time in a year I've had to do this because something was going haywire. If you're seeking wireless networking, look someplace other than Linksys. As soon as I'm back up, or have enough time to convert, burn, upload, and re-upload the files using the other computer, I'll get the last few Java Troll strips up. Good night.


I copied the exact opening from ESB and changed a few choice words. We're just getting warmed up now.


This is great. I'm such a jerk.


Hah. I saw all 7 feet of Billy Celuck in downtown Syracuse last night. I shouted "Bil-LAY!" He turned and nodded. I'm guessing that if I were an erstwhile minor local celebrity, I would have liked to have been acknowledged. I hope that made him feel good. I march to the beat of my own drum.

Insert "Free Billy" dunking killer whale logo where you see the blank spot. The Amish Guy returns. I always liked this guy. I don't actually think he's Amish.