Just a reminder that I'm still running my other blog at Booglia-blog-munch. Get down with that.

This might just be where the comic starts to hit its stride. I'm finding that the more I like them, the less I write. Have a good one.


Dave Hopping is a funny guy. He was a campus comedian and my pal, so I made him a comic. He used to do songs, like a song about AIM to the tune of Jewel's "You Were Meant for Me" and a reverse-contrafaction style Christmas song from "The Hannukah Song" by Adam Sandler. He also used to take his shirt off and draw on his stomach. We was most famous, however, for his purple hat. I don't think he wears it anymore.


I like it. This one requires little explanation. I was pretty happy with it then, and I still am.


Again, I'm calling the guy Pete. For Pete's sake! Art Modell is the owner who moved the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore and renamed them the Ravens after the poem. Who wrote that, Robert Frost? No. Shoot. Lemme go cheat...Edgar Allen Poe. I knew it was an "E" name, but all that was coming to mind was Hemmingway. Ah well. Super Bowl Sunday is now an important holiday for personal reasons. If you want to know, ask, and I'll shoot you an answer :)


Thus begins the new semester. The most important development in the history of the comic thus far is the arrival of John's eyepatch. Being a fake rasta was just not enough for the Troll's foil. The three-part series on those friends who pop in and out of your life, and the frustration that sets in as a result, is alright but not spectacular.


The final comic of the first semester of Troll. Don't ask me who "jimmies" are. I don't really know. Also, "whatever the smack it is you do." I think I was feeling linguistically creative. Fun words are fun. Starting tomorrow, I think I'm going back to one at a time for a while. We'll see.

The second to the last comic of the fall semester. This was one that The Rooster talked about all spring. The enerGOREzer. Not bad, eh? I probably could have drawn the bunny a lot better if I had just cared.