Pie School #4 (unpublished)

This is the great lost comic of the Pie School series. I made an attempt at expanding on my current events/social issues theme. My editor, Mrs. Spillane, liked this comic and wanted it in the paper, but they had begun outsourcing the printing, and as a result the comic was left out due to spacial considerations. Outsourcing. Bah.

This comic includes my second Blues Traveler reference, being the name of the science teacher, Mr. Kinchla. Chan Kinchla was and is the guitarist for the band, and his brother Tad now plays bass. Mr. Kinchla's appearance was based on my physics teacher at the time, Mr. Wilson.

Also of note is the giant flea statue on Mr. Kinchla's desk in the 3rd frame, which is a reference to a fledgling underground comic I was writing with my friend Eva at the time. In it, Al and Don (high priests of The Flea) operated in or near the Valley of the Flea-ads. There was monstrous statue of The Flea (approx. 50 ft. high). I don't think we ever got page one of the comic, called SkyJack, finished. I'll have to get you some pictures. The ideas behind the thing were ridiculously fabulous. 'Til tomorrow...


Anonymous HB said...

Hey Matt! Love this series....being a news junkie, I liked the fact that you connected some of the cartoons in Pie School to contemporary issues('cept for Sue Luc of course, but we won't go there!). HB

4:33 PM  

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