Physics Class Hero #1

The first of a five-comic pilot entitled "Physics Class Hero", written by myself and Eric Naylor and drawn by me. The original editor we submitted it to didn't go for the concept, but subsequent editors used this particular comic as page filler on more than one occassion, under the title "Classic Physics Class". The original premise was to introduce the kid in the front row, the "one in every class", but as it turns out, all of the characters were really the "one in every class", so the comic took on a meaning beyond its original scope. Pretty cool.

The original title was a play on the John Lennon song, "Working Class Hero", in that if the kid wants to go nuts and try to get an A, then "a Physics Class Hero is something to be". The title got lost somewhere in the editors' archives, so it was only published under "Physics Class" and lost some of the aura. Ah well.


Anonymous HB said...

This is my favorite comic in the physics class series (so far, after reading #1,2 and 3). I wasn't aware of the John Lennon song.

8:57 PM  
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