Heh, anti-anti-war...I probably lost a solid $10 to the Syracuse University vending machines over my time there.

Go back in history, to 2001, and try to find somebody who attacked 9/11 and the Afghanistan invasion head-on in their comics like I did. I knew it at the time, too -- that I was a man among boys. Now, to start watching the news again and reassert my political clout...

This is the first real drawing I've done, pretty much since college. It's for my friend Gabi to give to her mom for Mothers' Day. It's okay, she hasn't seen her mom since Mothers' Day, so it's not technically "late".

I'm pretty pleased with the final product. You need things drawn, I hope you know where to go. I may have to start charging, though. My mom is already lining me up for a picture of our house. Fantastic.

Comics on the way. I promised Thursday night, right?


Java Troll #56

A few semi-important notes here:

1) I am going to wait until Friday to begin posting the rest of the final semester of Java Troll. That should give enough people a chance to know what's going on.

2) I have a new job and have been neglecting my duties on here. Sorry about that.

3) I had begun running Ezekiel Quest at the start of the semester. Then IT happened on September 11th. Rather than continue with what I had done, I began to ask myself what Troll would think about this world changing event. So I reverted back to the old comic. I was out of practice and wound up doing this one by hand. This turned out to be a pretty excellent semester, better than those before it. Get ready...Troll #57 will be there on Friday morning.