Java Troll #60

The king of laziness at this point, I flip-flopped the picture of John and Troll to add a little variety. Surprisingly, the 3-panel comics of John and Troll in their natural positions (reversed from this) are few and far between.

If don't know about Donovan McNabb, ask somebody. Also, let me know if any of my images come up as broken links. I think I may have posted one or two as .psd files, which most people can't view.


This comic is fitting enough for today. It has developed its own story in the time since it was written. First, this comic somehow created enough of a connection that the art director published it a second time, as a "classic" strip. That's cool when that happens.

Also of note are the circumstances surrounding its creation. I was hanging out with Priscilla on the particular Sunday night that this was due. I had completely forgotten about it, so we rushed back to my basement and I fumbled around for the full hour that I had left. This is all I came up with. Guess that works.

The story that has developed since is...that the following semester Priscilla began dating Andy Craig, and they're going to be married this Saturday. I was invited, but my life is just too friggin' disarranged right now and I won't be able to get there. Man, that sucks.