Our handy dandy...NOTEBOOK!

Having finished both Pie School and Physics Class Hero, I'm about ready to start with Java Troll, the cornerstone of my collection to this point. At this time, I am also gearing up to go on the Spring Break I never had because I was always working. From March 12-20, I will be in Pensacola and New Orleans, among other cities. This will also constitute a hiatus from blogging my comics, but this proves to be the right time to take a break before I hack at the classics hardcore.

In the meantime, I want you to enjoy one of the few remaining intact pieces of notebook from my college years. I think the high school notebooks were all trashed. Note how the original date box was turned into a hat for a coffee drinker, and how the notes are really pretty unintelligible. How I got A's is beyond me. I never paid attention, just drew pictures and stared out the window.


Physics Class Hero #5

This comic was supposedly also published. Our Russian, English-deficient hero scores a babe. Rock on.

The girl's lines are from some techno song that was on the radio around the time we wrote the comic. I hadn't heard the song and didn't hear it 'til much later. Those are the only lines in the song. What a weird song...and yes, that is chest hair.


Physics Class Hero #4

If you get the joke, I'm sorry. I have matured since then and no longer believe that the joke was in good taste. I don't think I ever did. The other kid is the roommate, and we also see the second manifestation of the "Litmus Paper" t-shirt. I think this is the comic that got our comic shelved, being at a liberal university. Either that, or the whole idea just wasn't very good.

If this seems cryptic, is by intention. Do not ask me about it or mention it. Just leave it alone. That will be all for today.


Physics Class Hero #3

The third installment, which gets into the P.C. problem areas, making fun of the Asian TA who everyone has at some point in their college career. The character Rivkin is named for a Russian kid from my high school. "FEEZEKS" is the way another Russian kid said "physics". I like using the different fonts for different characters, as it can display another side of their personalities. That's about it for today.


Physics Class Hero #2

Okay, we're still pretty much adhering to standards of political correctness. No one would want to kill us...yet. Oddly, the science teacher still resembles my high school physics teacher. I guess I'm one for recurring themes. We are also introduced to the lab assistant, who is based on a guy whose real name is Sam Sampere. This character was equal parts Rick Moranis and the real Sam. The final frame is a kid shouting "physics" from a middle row in the auditorium, but I think that got lost because I didn't draw it well enough. Oh well.