Java Troll #45

This was from color comic day. The characters are, from left to right: John, Dana, Sharif, The Amish Guy, Troll, and Popcorn Girl. I got a chance to throw in a few extra characters I liked. This is the one that went to press, so no eye patch. Like anyone noticed.

Also of note was Popcorn Girl's orange skin, stabbing at the Long Island beauties on the SU campus who had fake everything. Hey, I think Blogger is letting me use titles and edit my posts again. That's cool.


Blogger Liz said...

So the long island girl looks a little too LA for me. Switch the blonde hair (although I fully understand where you're going with the fake thing) to brown and then you've got yourselves a believer here. At least my farmer's tan is real!

4:34 PM  
Blogger The Boo Guy said...

y'know, Liz, it might have helped you to assess the situation if you'd gone to SU...Orange colored Long Island girls come in all different varieties.

12:48 AM  

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