The new job threw me out of my comic-posting routine. I am a creature of habit with few habits.

This seems like a good time to get the "Free Billy" thing running anyway. Brief synopsis: Billy Edelin got in trouble for some sort of sexual misconduct in the summer before his freshman year at SU. The University suspended him for a year. During that time, I created the "Free Billy" campaign. I graudated. The following summer, Edelin played in some men's 40+ rec league games, for which the NCAA suspended him another 10 games. During the second suspension, when I was in North Carolina, "Free Billy" shirts and posters apparently started popping up around the Dome. Thieves. SU wins the national championship. The following year, Edelin craps out halfway through the year because of depression/drinking. Last year (year 4 of the saga) he misses the early part of the season because of failure to meet academic requirements, mainly as a result of previous suspensions. He is in and out of the team in a tumultuous year. Now he is officially transferring. Too bad, he was a good player. Now, the saga ends with the reproduction of teh "Free Billy" comics. Enjoy.


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