I'm getting better...this is 2 in three days. Tomorrow I'm going to send out a dreaded mass e-mail to try to get people to come back and check it out...see if anyone really cares.

I had season tickets to SU Football my senior year. I finally said "Enough's enough" with Young Life and working and demanded that I have time to see all the games. And they didn't lose one, I don't think. They lost a lot on the road. Bums.

There was a quarterback controversy on the team thanks to a fickle coach who couldn't decide who to play. The previous week, we thought he had declared R.J. Anderson the full-time QB. We were happy to put that to rest. Troy Nunes was taking all the snaps the following game. The entire Dome booed the (expletive) out of this poor kid. Turns out R.J. was sick and couldn't play. Oops.

Regardless, I stand by the fact that Pasqualoni had really irked people with his indecisiveness and that's why we were booing the switch. No one who has already made up their mind about the evil in every member of the crowd that day will change their mind based on my testimony. Pasqualoni is fired, and the town is celebrating like they do in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...with a "Yay!"


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